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11/23/2015 Terminated from practice squad G Reese Dismukes
11/23/2015 Practice squad signing S Ras-I Dowling
11/23/2015 Suspended WR Stephen Hill
11/23/2015 Suspended DE Wes Horton
11/20/2015 Waived from injured reserve T Davonte Wallace
11/16/2015 Waived from injured reserve TE Richie Brockel
11/11/2015 Returned to practice DE Charles Johnson
10/27/2015 Practice squad signing TE Nate Askew
10/27/2015 Practice squad signing G Reese Dismukes
10/27/2015 Terminated from practice squad C Eric Kush
10/23/2015 Injured reserve TE Richie Brockel
10/23/2015 Free agent signing TE Scott Simonson
10/08/2015 Practice squad signing T David Foucault
10/06/2015 Waived T David Foucault
10/06/2015 Free agent signing DE Wes Horton
10/03/2015 Free agent signing T David Foucault
10/03/2015 Waived DE Wes Horton
09/30/2015 Released DT Colin Cole
09/30/2015 Free agent signing DE Ryan Delaire
09/29/2015 Acquired DE Jared Allen in trade
09/29/2015 Practice squad signing S Marcus Ball
09/29/2015 Injured reserve/designated for return DE Charles Johnson
09/26/2015 Free agent signing WR Brenton Bersin
09/26/2015 Waived TE Brandon Williams
09/22/2015 Terminated from practice squad LB Brian Blechen
09/22/2015 Signed to practice squad WR Damiere Byrd
09/19/2015 Practice squad signing T Pierce Burton
09/19/2015 Terminated from practice squad WR Damiere Byrd
09/17/2015 Injured reserve T Nate Chandler
09/17/2015 Free agent signing G Fernando Velasco
09/16/2015 Signed to practice squad C Eric Kush
09/16/2015 Terminated from practice squad C Shane McDermott
09/11/2015 Extension signing LB Luke Kuechly
09/09/2015 Terminated from practice squad CB Carrington Byndom
09/09/2015 Practice squad signing C Shane McDermott
09/07/2015 Practice squad signing DT Chas Alecxih
09/07/2015 Practice squad signing WR Brenton Bersin
09/07/2015 Practice squad signing LB Brian Blechen
09/07/2015 Practice squad signing CB Carrington Byndom
09/07/2015 Practice squad signing WR Damiere Byrd
09/07/2015 Practice squad signing DE Rakim Cox
09/07/2015 Practice squad signing T David Foucault
09/07/2015 Practice squad signing LB Adarius Glanton
09/07/2015 Practice squad signing TE Scott Simonson
09/07/2015 Practice squad signing CB Lou Young
09/05/2015 Waived DT Chas Alecxih
09/05/2015 Waived S Marcus Ball
09/05/2015 Waived WR Brenton Bersin
09/05/2015 Waived LB Brian Blechen
09/05/2015 Waived WR Mike Brown
09/05/2015 Waived CB Carrington Byndom
09/05/2015 Waived WR Damiere Byrd
09/05/2015 Waived DE Rakim Cox
09/05/2015 Waived/injury settlement C Brian Folkerts
09/05/2015 Waived T David Foucault
09/05/2015 Waived LB Adarius Glanton
09/05/2015 Waived CB T.J. Heath
09/05/2015 Released G Ricky Henry
09/05/2015 Waived TE Marcus Lucas
09/05/2015 Waived G Jordan McCray
09/05/2015 Injured reserve DE Arthur Miley
09/05/2015 Waived DT Terry Redden
09/05/2015 Waived TE Scott Simonson
09/05/2015 Released RB Jordan Todman
09/05/2015 Released LB Jason Trusnik
09/05/2015 Waived T Martin Wallace
09/05/2015 Waived CB Lou Young
09/03/2015 Waived/injury settlement CB Melvin White
09/02/2015 Extension signing QB Derek Anderson
09/02/2015 Injured reserve T Davonte Wallace
09/02/2015 Injured reserve CB Melvin White
09/01/2015 Injured reserve WR Kelvin Benjamin
09/01/2015 Waived WR Jarrett Boykin
09/01/2015 Waived DT Kenny Horsley
09/01/2015 Waived S Robert Lester
09/01/2015 Acquired WR Kevin Norwood in trade
09/01/2015 Waived WR De'Andre Presley
09/01/2015 Waived/injury settlement DT Micanor Regis
09/01/2015 Waived/injured T Davonte Wallace
09/01/2015 Waived/injured CB Melvin White
08/31/2015 Waived WR Paul Browning
08/31/2015 Waived WR Avius Capers
08/31/2015 Released T Tony Hills
08/31/2015 Waived DE Steve Miller
08/31/2015 Waived LB Kevin Reddick
08/31/2015 Waived TE Dallas Walker
08/31/2015 Waived FB Lee Ward
08/31/2015 Waived P Matt Wile
08/26/2015 Passed physical TE Brandon Williams
08/25/2015 Injured reserve DE Frank Alexander
08/24/2015 Waived/injured DE Frank Alexander
08/24/2015 Free agent signing TE Dallas Walker
08/20/2015 Waived/injury settlement TE Jamie Childers
08/18/2015 Injured reserve TE Jamie Childers
08/17/2015 Waived/injured TE Jamie Childers
08/17/2015 Free agent signing P Matt Wile
08/05/2015 Free agent signing CB T.J. Heath
08/05/2015 Free agent signing DT Kenny Horsley
08/05/2015 Retired T Jonathan Martin
08/05/2015 Waived P Matt Wile
08/04/2015 Retired CB Chris Houston
08/03/2015 Injured reserve WR Stephen Hill
08/02/2015 Free agent signing WR Paul Browning
08/02/2015 Waived/injured WR Stephen Hill
07/30/2015 Free agent signing WR Avius Capers
07/30/2015 Reserve/did not report T Jonathan Martin
07/30/2015 Waived CB Garry Peters
07/30/2015 Declared WR De'Andre Presley physically unable to perform
07/30/2015 Free agent signing P Matt Wile
07/30/2015 Declared TE Brandon Williams physically unable to perform
07/28/2015 Free agent signing T Tony Hills
07/28/2015 Waived RB Darrin Reaves
07/28/2015 Free agent signing T Davonte Wallace
06/17/2015 Injured reserve G Tyronne Green
06/17/2015 Free agent signing G Ricky Henry
06/17/2015 Waived C Ronald Patrick
06/15/2015 Extension signing LB Thomas Davis
06/15/2015 Free agent signing CB Chris Houston
06/15/2015 Waived CB Jocquel Skinner
06/10/2015 Free agent signing TE Scott Simonson
06/10/2015 Waived P Matt Wile
06/03/2015 Extension signing QB Cam Newton
06/02/2015 Waived TE Kevin Greene
06/02/2015 Free agent signing CB Jocquel Skinner
05/21/2015 Free agent signing S Marcus Ball
05/21/2015 Waived S Kimario McFadden
05/20/2015 Free agent signing DT Chas Alecxih
05/20/2015 Waived G Edmund Kugbila
05/11/2015 Free agent signing TE Jamie Childers
05/11/2015 Free agent signing DE Rakim Cox
05/11/2015 Waived DT Darious Cummings
05/11/2015 Free agent signing G Jordan McCray
05/11/2015 Free agent signing C Ronald Patrick
05/11/2015 Undrafted rookie signing FB Lee Ward
05/08/2015 Undrafted rookie signing LB Brian Blechen
05/08/2015 Undrafted rookie signing WR Damiere Byrd
05/08/2015 Undrafted rookie signing DT Darious Cummings
05/08/2015 Undrafted rookie signing S Dean Marlowe
05/08/2015 Undrafted rookie signing DE Arthur Miley
05/08/2015 Undrafted rookie signing DE Steve Miller
05/08/2015 Undrafted rookie signing CB Garry Peters
05/08/2015 Undrafted rookie signing DT Terry Redden
05/08/2015 Undrafted rookie signing RB Brandon Wegher
05/08/2015 Undrafted rookie signing P Matt Wile
05/02/2015 Drafted RB Cameron Artis-Payne (5b)
05/02/2015 Drafted LB David Mayo (5a)
05/02/2015 Drafted T Daryl Williams (4)
05/01/2015 Drafted WR Devin Funchess (2)
04/30/2015 Drafted LB Shaq Thompson (1)
04/09/2015 Unrestricted free agent signing CB Charles Tillman
04/01/2015 Waived G Derek Dennis
04/01/2015 Waived LB Horace Miller
03/31/2015 Unrestricted free agent signing LB Jason Trusnik
03/30/2015 Free agent signing RB Jordan Todman
03/27/2015 Free agent signing Jarrett Boykin
03/27/2015 Waiver claim Jonathan Martin
03/16/2015 Unrestricted free agent signing S Kurt Coleman
03/16/2015 Released TE Mike McNeill
03/13/2015 Free agent signing CB Teddy Williams
03/12/2015 Unrestricted free agent re-signing TE Ed Dickson
03/11/2015 Released RB DeAngelo Williams
03/10/2015 Extension signing DT Dwan Edwards
03/09/2015 Free agent signing WR Ted Ginn, Jr.
03/09/2015 Extension signing QB Joe Webb
03/06/2015 Free agent signing T Michael Oher
03/06/2015 Extension signing TE Greg Olsen
03/03/2015 Extension signing DT Colin Cole
02/17/2015 Released S Thomas DeCoud
02/17/2015 Extension signing G Chris Scott
01/15/2015 Future signing WR Mike Brown
01/14/2015 Future signing WR Stephen Hill
01/13/2015 Future signing G Derek Dennis
01/13/2015 Future signing TE Kevin Greene
01/13/2015 Future signing WR Marcus Lucas
01/13/2015 Future signing S Kimario McFadden
01/13/2015 Future signing LB Horace Miller
01/13/2015 Future signing RB Darrin Reaves
01/13/2015 Future signing DT Micanor Regis
01/13/2015 Future signing T Martin Wallace
01/13/2015 Future signing CB Lou Young
01/06/2015 Future signing TE Mike McNeill
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